• FIVE Feelings

    FIVE FeelingsNel corso della pluriennale attività di Magmart, dalla prima edizione del festival, nel 2005, è andato via via prendendo corpo, con sempre maggiore precisione, il focus della ricerca di Enrico Tomaselli sulla videoarte. In questi anni, se da un lato ha cercato di lavorare sulla diffusione e sulla crescita, estetica e culturale, della videoarte, dall’altro si è sempre più interessato al come questa tecnica fornisse, agli artisti, un mezzo espressivo potente, capace di espandere gli orizzonti e di accrescere la profondità del linguaggio artistico. Da questi due filoni di interesse, e di azione, in modo del tutto naturale sono quindi nati i due grandi progetti scaturiti dalla costola di Magmart: uno è il nuovo F.I.V.E. Feelings International Videoart Experience. Il concept di F.I.V.E. conteneva anche una sfida: lavorare sui cinque sensi, infatti, rischiava di essere fin troppo ovvio da un lato o troppo complesso da un altro. Ma la risposta dei videoartisti è stata di altissima qualità, proprio sul piano della capacità di indagare il soggetto proposto, oltre che su quello estetico. Se, dunque, sono i nostri cinque sensi lo strumento attraverso il quale, interagendo col mondo, formiamo la nostra soggettività, indagare questa interfaccia umana non poteva non essere uno straordinario stimolo per un artista. Affidargli una ricerca sui nostri cinque sensi è come sfidarli a scrutare il senso dell’essere umano.
    La sfida è stata raccolta e l’esito è straordinario.

  • Random Acts - A British Council touring programme

    British Council Film, in partnership with Channel 4, presents a programme of films from Random Acts, a late night broadcast slot for three-minute arts films chosen for their bold expressions of creativity. The programme offers a diverse array of shorts produced across a range of art forms, including dance, visual arts, spoken word, animation, live action and music and comedy, and provides a fresh insight into some of the more daring creative talent producing in the UK today.

    British Council Channel 4 Arts Council England

    The programme includes 30 films and has a 90 minute approximate runtime.

    Robots of Brixton - Brixton has degenerated into a disregarded area inhabited by London's new robot workforce.
    Pepstar: Part 1 - A live recording process, looping various musical instruments and some surprise additions.
    Holi - An observational portrait of the Festival of Colours.
    Bad Things That Could Happen - A subverted world where the mundane becomes absurd.
    Ex Libris - At midnight in a deserted library, strange creatures begin to emerge.
    Light Percussion - A stark, minimal, one shot performance piece with light, sound and colour perfectly synchronised.
    Process V3 - Dancers in Johannesburg, edited by Karl, using recordings from his local neighbourhood of Brixton.
    Canon for three voices - a short single melody sung by several voices, each of which begins at a different time.
    We Are the People - Collaboration between members of a YouTube community and some of the UK’s music artists.
    Peter - In a semi-empty swimming pool Peter engages in a series of very intense warming up and breathing exercises.
    16 BARS - Birmingham's godfather of grime, Malik, gives us his 16 bars verse.
    Plat du Jour - Behind the scenes of a restaurant where the chefs put heart, soul and the rest of their body into every dish they cook.
    Hidden Place - In a long forgotten storage room, a group of artefacts come to life.
    Z - Is hindsight 20:20? Does history reveal or obscure the truth?
    Outside the Box - Two friends discuss the best ways to have an idea.
    My City - The film highlights a part of London that is often forgotten.
    The Estate - The choreography is loosely based on the idea of vultures circling a dying animal.
    Random Alley - Shot on location in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
    Grant Petrie: Rise - The world is changing. In the time of destruction its time to rise.
    Acts of Kindness 3 - A celebration of everyday acts of kindness that happen on London Underground.
    The Holloway Laundrette - A curious girl follows a mysterious young man through the door of a washing machine...
    Vida Longa (Long Life) - Visually rich and culturally loaded, a simple game, between one of the oldest and youngest Capoeira Masters in history.
    Double Take - A story of family rivalry and reconciliation along a trail of forgotten memories.
    Swim - The ebb and flow of a journey to work.
    The History of an Orange - A road movie with the roof down, the break down, the pride, joy and the misery.
    Everything is Possible - A visual manifesto-cum-music video that asserts the importance of a new optimism defined by acts of kindness.
    Polybius - A SEGA Mega Drive, Commodore 64, floppy disk drives and hard drives sing in unison.
    Chaps on Tour - Toby and his six friends set out to capture an image of their lives: a fun and friendship driven by their mutual love of Parkour.
    Clean Bandit: Mozart’s House - Made during Moscow's biggest ever heat wave when the smog was thick and Red Square was actually red.
    We Don’t Own a Dog - A bonkers 'dance-capade' featuring award-winning US dance company David Dorfman Dance.

  • Kylli Sparre

    Kylli SparreI spent years training to become a professional ballet dancer. When the studies were over, I realized it wasn't the path for me.I have been searching for an outlet for my creativity ever since. Few years ago I found it in photography and never looked back. My passion now is creating images using photography and image manipulation. Whether the images are surreal, dreamlike or symbolic, they come from my thoughts, observations and experiences.
    Most of all I try to capture emotions, look beneath the surface, hear the unsaid words and what I find, I try to project into my images.

    -"World of Tales" from 12.09.2014 QlickEditions (Amsterdam)
    -KunstRAI 2014 04.06-09.06.14 (Amsterdam)
    -Fotomuuseum 29.05-30.08.14 (Tallinn)
    -"Keset aeglast saladust"
    -Somerset House (London) 1-18.05.2014
    -Sony World Photography Awards exhbition
    -Italie laBas (Avignon) 13.12.13-06.01.14
    -solo exhibition "Mad-Ame"
    -The Great Last Minute Art Fair in Rotterdam 2014
    -Le Salon de la Photo, November 7-11 2013 Paris (Grand Prix de la Decouverte 2013)
    -Grand Prix de la Decouverte 2012 / International Fine Art Photography Competition
    Category finalist
    Nofound photo fair
    Garage Turenne, Paris
    Nov. 16th - Nov. 19th, 2012
    Kaunas Photo Festival 4-8 sept. 2012

    Group exhibition:
    EAGER - Follow the red line project

    -Sony World Photography Awards
    -Open Encanced category winner
    -Grand Prix de la Decouverte 2013
    -Honorable mention in Experimental category
    -Julia Margaret Cameron Award 5th Nominee/finalist
    -IPA Photography Awards 2013 Honorable mentions
    -Pentax Portrait competition 2013 II place